From The Ascension Oracle... Generosity - Rose 'Angel Face'

GenerosityGenerosity is the foundation of abundance. A truly generous person has an opened Heart Center. An opened Heart Center is in a state of permanent extension. What is it extending? UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! Unconditional Love is expressed in whatever form serves the Soul of the person to whom the opened Heart Center extends. Also, it extends equally to all. When you draw Generosity you are being guided to activate and/or expand the dynamic of Extension of Self through Unconditional Love.

Acknowledging the blocks to Extension of Self through Unconditional Love is a challenging, yet required, aspect of Spiritual Healing. Explore what you give, to whom and why. If your motivation for giving serves the agenda of the ego/personality rather than the Soul, it is co-dependent. Any motivation other than Unconditional Love is ego/personality-based.

Examine all patterns of withholding. Do you withhold love, perhaps through your unwillingness to forgive? Do you withhold money or other resources because of greed and/or ‘lack consciousness’? Do you withhold your time and talents by resisting particular responsibilities?

To whom are you willing to extend (e.g, give/share, love and serve, etc.)? Are you exclusive or inclusive? Do you think your responsibility is to some and not all? Are you self-centered or Self-centered? Acknowledge when and why you set limits on Extension of Self through Unconditional Love.

You are being guided to be truthful with yourself about your healing requirements in relation to the Soul quality of Generosity. Externals are misleading. Giving and sharing sometimes mask greed and/or withholding. It is all about motive. The ego/personality is motivated by external power, fear, guilt and/or shame. The Soul is motivated only by Unconditional Love.

If you have financial challenges, this can be a reflection of ‘lack consciousness’. The belief there is not enough for everyone precedes the externalization of lack. Examine whether or not you have this belief and, if so, how and when you developed it. Then choose to heal. Know the Universe is infinitely abundant. You access this abundance as you heal your limiting beliefs.

Low self-worth and the unworthiness it fosters always limits abundance, though not necessarily wealth. One of the most limiting beliefs is ‘I am not enough’. When you believe you are not enough, you may experience a lack of resources or develop a compulsion for acquisition. Wealth and philanthropy may be a cover-up for your inner issues. To become whole you must heal these issues, thereby unblocking the Light of the Soul and accessing your Authentic Power.

Drawing Generosity notifies you it is time to heal your patterns of co-dependent giving and conditional love and the ‘lack consciousness’ they reflect. You are being called to learn Generosity of the Soul. The Universe is abundant, you are innocent and we are One, connected through our Souls to Source. When you know the One Self, you know what you withhold from others you withhold from yourself; what you give to others you give to yourself.

Push the limits of your Generosity. Extend your Self fully through Unconditional Love. Open your Heart Center. Let your Love pour forth. Play in the water and waves of the ocean of your Divine Essence.

Say yes whenever the Universe asks you to serve!