Interpersonal conflicts are opportunities to cultivate the Power of your Soul. Conflictual situations are calls to discover your Truth and to speak and act in accordance with it. As you do you become authentically empowered, your relationships come into alignment with your Soul and you experience greater Peace. When you do not step into your Power, you experience increased passivity and/or repetitive cycles of unresolved conflict.

When you draw Stalwart you are being guided to resolve one or more significant relationship conflicts in a way that brings you and the relationship/s into greater alignment with your Soul. Begin by discovering and healing your part in the conflict. What misperceptions are creating separation between you and the other party/parties in the conflict? What feelings does the conflict stir within you? Acknowledge these feelings. Know the source of conflictual feelings is never in the present; it is always in the past - in this lifetime or others. If your feelings are conflictual, discover the Point of Origin Experience from which they originate. Then you can heal and resolve them at their source. Also, explore the spiritual purpose of the conflict, which may be revealed as you acknowledge your feelings. Understanding the spiritual purpose served by a conflict greatly assists resolving the conflict from a higher perspective. The sign you have done the requisite ‘inner work’ to resolve the conflict is your emerging neutrality. As the ‘charge’ of the emotional trigger dissipates, you become ready to take the action required for Soul-Based Conflict Resolution.

When you are engaged in ongoing conflict your ego/personality is in control. The ego/personality is externally focused and relationship conflict supports the continuation of externalization, impeding the inner focus that leads to the Soul. Co-dependent relationships serve the purpose of keeping you so externally occupied you have insufficient space and time for yourself. That way you do not have to heal your inner issues rooted in those old painful feelings from your childhood and past lives. When you tire of drama and choose to create Peace in your life, the real work of Spiritual Growth has room to begin. External focus never resolves anything. Every time you are upset in an interaction with another, go within, discover what is actually going on for YOU and heal it. Your outer life will reflect your inner changes.

Many people fear conflict. They are secretly angry and/or disgruntled and refuse to express it. They are passive and compliant, often triangulating others rather than dealing directly with the person with whom they are in conflict. They sacrifice themselves rather than developing their Selves. Conflict avoidance reflects an underlying sense of powerlessness. This same sense of powerlessness underlies most interpersonal battles as well. Projecting anger does not make you Powerful. Anger is a sign something is amiss. It is a call for healing. Once you have done the required healing, as indicated by your anger, then clarity and neutrality emerge. No longer angry, you simply speak your truth; say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ when you mean it; draw clear boundaries; and extricate yourself from situations in which you are not honored, loved and/or respected. It is never spiritually correct to stay in an abusive relationship and as you grow spiritually you disengage from all non-loving relationships. Resolving any conflict in which you are engaged may lead to the ending of a relationship. This might be difficult for you to contemplate, let alone enact. Yet, your Soul is calling you to higher ground. A more peaceful life awaits you.

When you draw Stalwart you are being guided to develop your ‘spiritual warrior’. There is a misconception among many spiritual aspirants that ‘spiritual people’ are always agreeable. Superficial niceties and false peace are not the way of the Soul. The Soul is not concerned with the comfort of anyone’s ego/personality. It is not concerned with who accepts or likes you. The Soul is not co-dependent. The Soul is a Powerful force. It is the Voice for God/Source. It is clear and strong, uncompromising in the Truth, courageous in action and motivated by Love.

You are here to be fully Soul-Infused. The time to overcome your fear and the powerlessness it generates is NOW. When you perceive yourself as fearful and weak, you are experiencing a false sense of self, rooted in your ego/personality. It is time to experience your Self as you really are - brave and strong! You do this with every Act of Power. Every time you speak and act in accordance with your Soul, the Power of your Soul expression grows in its intensity.

You ARE Powerful - BE Powerful!